Our Library:

Connecticut Horticultural Society members may use our library of classic and new horticultural books, as well as CDs and videos. The library is located in the CHS office and is open during regular office hours. The library has been adding to its robust collection since the early years of the society, founded in 1887. A selection of books is brought to each program meeting for members’ convenience. Books are returnable at the following program meeting. Non-reference books may be borrowed for up to 30 days. Comfortable space for on-site study is also available.

A sampling of books in the CHS Library:

• Primulas. Sidney Clapham (Newton, Abbot, David and Charles, 1971)

• Living on the Earth: Eclectic Essays for a Sustainable and Joyful Future. Bill Deusing (Long River Books, 1993)

• Auriculas. Roy Genders (J. Gifford, 1958)

• The Propagation of Alpines. Lawrence Donegan Hills (Faber and Faber, 1959)

• Weedless Gardening. Lee Reich (Workman Pub., 2001)

• Primulas of Europe and America. G.F. Smith (Alpine Garden Society, 1984)

• The Genus Phlox. Edgar Theodore Wherry (Morris Arboretum Monographs, 1955)


Making a Cottage Garden. Faith Whiten (Salem House, 1985)

• Gentians. David Wilkie (County Life, London, 1950)

• Butterfly Gardening: Creating Summer Magic in Your Garden. Xerces Society (Sierra Club Books, 1998)

The office and library of Connecticut Horticulture Society ares located at
2433 Main Street (in the Prestige Office building), Rocky Hill, CT.