Cares Grants Awarded and Another Round of Grants Open for Applications

On May 1, six grants were awards were awarded to recipients of the CT Hort Cares civic grants program. The winners were chosen from 22 applicants from all over the state. Here are the winners:

KNOX Community Garden Program, Hartford – $300
Working with local organizations, KNOX is able to provide free garden plots to areas they serve including The Village for Families and Children, South Park Inn, and WISEWOMAN. The City of Hartford owns some of the sites and provides KNOX these spaces for free. The 21 community gardens are located in ten low-to moderate-income Hartford neighborhoods. These gardens provide 244 families the ability to grow their own fresh food. KNOX will use the funds to help support the cost of staff who implement this program.

Replanting the Garden on the Bridge, Willimantic – $500
Main Street is home to the Garden on the Bridge. Almost half of the planters  in the garden are in dire need of repair and once that is complete, they will need to be replanted. The $500 Cares grant will help to defray some of the costs.

Manson Youth Institution Gardening Program, Cheshire – $500
Manson is home to incarcerated young men between the ages of 15-21. They administer an existing gardening program with the end-goal of teaching young men basic life skills that will last beyond their time at Manson. The funds requested will help to purchase trays and seeds, soil, plant food and animal deterrent. At some point, they hope to put up fence to protect the garden.

Botanical Signs for Broken Arrow Nursery, Hamden – $500
The staff at Broken Arrow requested funds for signs to identify plants at their Display Gardens. The vast collection of more than 500 plants resides on 3-4 acres of property that is protected by a conservation easement so the grounds and the Display Garden will never be developed. The signs will provide an additional education tool to groups and guests who visit.

Bloomfield Elementary School Gardens, Bloomfield – $500
Bloomfield High School horticulture students will revive abandoned school gardens at Laurel and Metacomet elementary schools. The high schoolers are required to gain work and leadership experience as part of the program. Consequently, the students themselves will build a program for the two elementary schools in which they will plan and lead the gardening lessons/activities on a regularly scheduled basis, both in class and after school. Younger students will gain exposure to gardening and healthy eating.

Pollinator and Mindful Garden, Bristol – $200
There will be an area cleared and planted with perennials, annuals, and possibly berry bushes at the Cambridge Park Housing area in Bristol. This project will be mentored by the Bristol Garden Club, will include staff from the Bristol Boys and Girls Club, and will include children who live in Cambridge Park Housing. Funds will be used to purchase plants and garden supplies.

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