Leadership & Staff

Please email [email protected] to reach anyone listed below.

Heartfelt thanks to the dozens of volunteers who contribute their time and resources to keep our beloved Society running.

President OPEN
Vice President OPEN
Past President Cheryl Marino
Secretary Yilin Sun
Treasurer Richard Kaminski
Financial reporting is prepared by Budwitz & Meyerjack P.C. Certified Public Accountants of Farmington CT

Directors (Term Expires):
Tom Christopher (August 2026)
Diane Erling (August 2025)
Dr. Nick Goltz (August 2025)
Susan Kaminski (August 2024)
Trish Lyons (August 2025)

Jan Manchester (August 2024)
Elizabeth Morin (August 2026)
James Sirch (August 2026)
Elizabeth Valdez (August 2024)

Committee Chairpersons:
Auctions Trish Lyons and Barbara Skomorowski [email protected]
Education/Workshops Nancy DuBrule-Clemente
Finance OPEN
Historian Fairlee Latawic
Hospitality Elizabeth Valdez
Membership Elizabeth Valdez [email protected]
Nominating Cheryl Marino
Planned Giving Herb Isaacson
Plant Forum Kevin Wilcox
Program Cheryl Marino, James Milne, Jim Sirch & Yilin Sun
Scholarships Christopher Tuccio
Symposium 2024 Nancy DuBrule-Clemente
Travel Heidi Wheeler Isaacson
Welcoming Rosemarie Tamiso

Director of Communications:
Tracey Weiss [email protected] 860-796-0185

Office Administrator:
Mary Anna Martell [email protected] 860-529-8713

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