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CT Hort is proud of its legacy of offering some of the best and most experienced speakers in gardening. Enjoy these soundbites from a few we have hosted in the last few years.
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Joann Vieira – September, 2020
Designing for Birds
Listen to a snippet from Joann Vieira’s talk in September of 2020, as she describes plants that provide great value for wildlife – especially birds – as well as beauty for humans.

Karen Perkins – March, 2021
Epimediums: Jewels of the Shade
In her talk in March of 2021, Karen Perkins discussed her love of Epimediums – the delicate, early-blooming, shade-loving perennial beauties that are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Christine Froelich – June, 2021
Gardening With What You Have
Christine Froehlich focused on how to evaluate your existing landscape and how to correct common problems—from plant choices and siting to design. She offered tips for creating the gardens that you want by working with what you have.

Bill Noble – September, 2021
Spirit of Place: The Making of A New England Garden
How does an individual garden relate to the larger landscape? How does it connect to the natural and cultural environment? Does it evoke a sense of place? Bill Noble—a lifelong gardener, and the former director of preservation for the Garden Conservancy—answered these questions by sharing how they influenced the creation of his garden in Vermont.

Robert Clyde Anderson – March, 2022
Labor Day Garden
Robert Clyde Anderson, a lifelong gardener, garden designer, and creative director of Pondside Nursery in Hudson, NY, outlined strategies for keeping our garden interest alive throughout the late summer and early fall, and suggested specific plants and techniques to design for a “second peak” of herbaceous plants at the end of the season.

Timothy Tilghman – February, 2022
Untermyer Gardens: Past, Present & Future
Tilghman, head gardener at Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, introduced us to this celebrated property, its recent restoration of its 43 acres in Yonkers, NY, and how it is being cared for today by the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy.

Page Dickey – June, 2022
Uprooted: A Gardener Reflects on Beginning Again
Page Dickey knew the transitions she faced walking away from her celebrated garden at Duck Hill after 34 years. What surprised her were the happy opportunities that came with starting over. Her talk, Uprooted: A Gardener Reflects on Beginning Again, reflects her 2020 book release of the same name.

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