The Sustainable Flowers Project—September 18-20

As a profession, floristry flies well below the radar of industries scrutinized for their environmental and social impact.  The unfortunate truth is that floristry does have widespread negative impact on our planet.  But there is hope and opportunity. 

The Sustainable Flowers Project runs from Sept. 18-20 at Garden de Buis is a 3-day intensive, immersive, and creative workshop that will be exploring floral design, flower growing, and social justice issues in the floral industry with some of the biggest leaders in sustainable floristry.  Our instructors are offering a holistic approach that will walk participants through flowers and floral design from the SOIL TO THE VASE, with particular emphasis on regenerative soil practices; the beauty of seasonal, locally grown blooms; zero-waste floral design for the home and large-scale events; and the racial injustices and socioeconomic obstacles that exist in the current model of the floral industry.  

Together, we are offering students a warm and welcoming place from which to explore all that it means to be sustainable in the world of flowers. 

Our featured speakers and teachers include:
-Author and Florist, Shane Connolly of Shane Connolly & Co. (London, UK)
-Author and Florist, Ingrid Carozzi of Tin Can Studios (Brooklyn, NY)
-Activist and FORBES Magazie 30 under 30, Amber Tamm (Brooklyn, NY)
-President of the American Boxwood Society, Andrea Filioponne and Eric Fleisher of Jardin de Buis and F2 -Environmental Design (New Jersey)
-TJ McGrath of TJ McGrath Designs (New Jersey)
-Becky Feasby of Prairie Girl Flowers (Calgary, Canada)

Registration is available at The Sustainable Flowers Project | tj mcgrath design.

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