NY Botanical Garden presents landscape design series

The New York Botanical Garden is offering four interesting talks through its landscape design series. To learn more, go to nybg.org.

Knockout Natives: Sam Hoadley
Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series at NYBG
Tuesday, November 15; 1–2 p.m. | At the Garden
Since 2002, Delaware’s Mt. Cuba Center has conducted research on which native plants and related cultivars hold the most horticultural and ecological value for use in the mid-Atlantic region. Join Sam Hoadley as he shares important findings about various species and provides a brief preview on the ongoing CarexVeronica, and Solidago trials while shedding light on how data is collected and how plants are evaluated. Learn more.

Growing Earth-Friendly Gardens: Uli Lorimer
Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series at NYBG
Tuesday, December 13; 1–2 p.m. | At the Garden 
A tireless advocate for the use of native plants, horticulturist Uli Lorimer shares the ins and outs of how to select, grow, and propagate a wide variety of plants native to New England, 235 of which can be found in his recently published Northeast Native Plant Primer. He will detail the specific benefits individual species bring to our gardens. Learn more.

Holistic Design Thinking: David Maynes
Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series at NYBG
Tuesday, January 17; 1–2 p.m. | Online
Maine-based landscape architect David Maynes creates spaces that encourage people to actively engage with ecological processes that unfold around them. Through his work, Maynes emphasizes a connection between people and landscapes. Join Maynes for a wide-ranging discussion about the natural materials he uses—from sustainably sourced wild sods to local stone—and the many principles that guide his work. Learn more.

The Art and Artistry of Chanticleer: Dan Benarcik
Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series at NYBG
Tuesday, February 21; 1–2 p.m. | At the Garden 
Chanticleer Garden, a gracefully designed series of thoughtfully planted rooms, is also known for the whimsical artwork crafted by its staff in the off-season. Their original metal sculptures, ceramic containers, wooden furniture, carved stone elements, and creative plant supports are an integral part of the visitor experience. Horticulturist Dan Benarcik highlights many of these artists and illustrates how their work creates pockets of charm and comfort that help make Chanticleer unique. Learn more.

Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons: Christopher LaGuardia
Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series at NYBG
Tuesday, March 21; 1–2 p.m. | At the Garden
Water is a crucial design factor in Christopher LaGuardia‘s elegant landscapes. Dotted with wetlands and encircled by waterfront, the Hamptons are impacted by reduced water quality, erosion, and colonies of invasive species. LaGuardia discusses the challenges of developing waterfront properties while also looking to protect and enhance the natural environment, including creative ways to capture runoff, create habitats for wildlife, and choose the best mix of plants for a given site. Learn more.

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