Set Sail for Stewardship: Embark on an Adventure at Hill-Stead’s Gala Sept. 14

A Sunset Soirée
Saturday, September 14, 6 pm 

On Saturday, September 14, immerse yourself in a captivating journey inspired by Theodate’s global wanderings. Embark on a culinary odyssey around the world as we unveil a feast as diverse and vibrant as the destinations she once traversed. Indulge in an array of exotic cuisines and libations stationed around the magnificent house she meticulously designed.

Whether you choose to recline at open-air tables scattered throughout the grounds or prefer to mingle in conversation with friends, each moment promises to transport you to distant lands and evoke the spirit of adventure. As the night continues, you’ll enjoy music echoing the rhythms of far-off places, beckoning you to participate in the vibrant tapestry of cultures or tapping your feet to the rhythmic beats.

Tickets: $350 per person. Purchase tickets at

But the journey doesn’t end there. Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, discover opportunities for learning as each dish carries tales of tradition, history, and discovery. And as the sun sets on this unforgettable soirée, enjoy our live and silent auctions, where luck may bestow upon you a token to treasure for your very own voyage.

Join us for a toast to Theodate and to bid farewell to summer for an  evening of exploration, enlightenment, and enchantment—a feast for the senses that promises to linger long after the night fades into dawn. Bring a friend or two, and let the allure of travel infuse every moment with the joy of discovery.

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