Gardening in Overtime: Getting the Most out of Your Late Season Display with Dan Benarcik March 20, 2025

Fundamentally we all want the same thing...more! More plants, more choices, and more options to extend our gardening season. Dan will share with you ways that he extends the season on both sides at Chanticleer, both fall and spring. Plant suggestions, design tips, and techniques for how to make your late season garden sing.

Escorted Australia! March 21-April 5

Escorted Australia 2025 March 21 - April 5, 2025 Escorted by Brett Isaacson, President & Owner Join Friendship Tours as we embark on a spectacular adventure in the Land Down Under - AUSTRALIA! President & Owner of Friendship Tours, Brett Isaacson, along with local expert guides will lead the way on this land tour to […]

Oh! What I didn’t plant with Nancy DuBrule-Clemente April 24, 2025

Nancy's garden is filled with so many annuals, perennials, biennials, shrubs, and herbs that she didn't plant. They may be considered "free gifts" or they may be considered "plants gone rogue"! Dive into how to recognize, manage, move around, edit, and generally care for a generous garden that offers so much to its gardener.

Designing for Habitat: From Back Yards to Byways with C. Colston Burrell June 19, 2025

What does a garden need to attract and sustain wildlife? How do we meet the aesthetic goals of owners while providing the structure and resources necessary to maintain the insects and birds we love? Can we create healthy habitat with a mixture of native and exotic plants? This lecture explores the possibilities and limitations of designing sustainable habitat gardens at various scales, from urban spaces to rural retreats.

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