“Designing with Native Plants” with James Dillon (Virtual)

Online Meeting

James Dillon, landscape designer and horticulturalist, views landscape design as the integration of science, nature and art. He will show us how to meld all of that together with native plants to create a beautiful garden. James Dillon, PCH is a Certified Horticulturist with over 20 years of experience working in the green industry. With […]

“New Perennials: A Love Story” with Deborah Chud (Virtual)

Online Meeting

“New Perennials:  A Love Story” is a personal introduction to the design principles of the New Perennialists, who gave rise to the hottest gardening trend in the world today—naturalistic landscaping.  In the US, their influence can be seen in New York’s High Line, Chicago’s Lurie Garden, the Oudolf Meadow at Delaware Botanic Gardens, and Oudolf […]

“Poppies, Peacocks and Parterres—Gardens of Scotland” with Nancy Stevens (Virtual)

Online Meeting

From 17th century Renaissance parterres to a garden of cosmic speculation, gardener and author Nancy Stevens will fill us in on gardens from the likes of General Eisenhower and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and size up your garden wall status. You’ll learn about everything, from a 17th century Renaissance parterres to a garden of cosmic speculation; from […]

“Nibbling on Natives in Your Back Yard and Beyond” with Russ Cohen

Emanuel Synagogue 160 Mohegan Drive, West Hartford, CT, United States

There’s an increasing interest among homeowners, property managers and others to utilize more native species in their landscaping, thanks to books like Doug Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home, which extol the virtues of native plants over exotic ornamentals for attracting and sustaining beneficial insects. Yet, for some people, this alone may insufficient motivation to “go native.” The fact […]

“Healthy Plants, Indoor and Out” with Dr. Nick Goltz

Emanuel Synagogue 160 Mohegan Drive, West Hartford, CT, United States

Dr. Nick Goltz, the director of UConn’s Plant Diagnostic Laboratory, will introduce fundamental techniques of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the home gardener as well as tips and tricks on how to help any plants—from hardy CT natives to delicate tropical houseplants—live their best lives. Nick is the director of UConn's Plant Diagnostic Laboratory. He moved to Connecticut […]

“The Eye of the Beholder: Is It Messy, or an Acquired Taste?” with Edwina Von Gal

Emanuel Synagogue 160 Mohegan Drive, West Hartford, CT, United States

The rewards of gardening with nature, not against it, are a fabulous mix of process and perception. Landscape designer Edwina Von Gal discusses why we need to change the way we garden and how to make it happen. Our obsession with tidy, "clean" landscapes is proving to be harmful to the things and the ones we love. […]

CT Hort 2024 Virtual Symposium – “Gardening Matters: Our Future is Growing”

The Connecticut Horticultural Society is thrilled to announce that its 2024 Virtual Symposium on Saturday, February 3, “Gardening Matters: Our Future is Growing, will feature talks by garden experts Fergus Garrett, John Forti, Jared Rosenbaum and Gary Lewis. The day-long symposium runs from 9am-4pm and is designed to inspire, enlighten, and educate novice and expert […]

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