Effective Sept 1, 2022: Annual Membership Dues Will Rise for Individuals and Families by $5

A dues increase recommended by the Finance Committee and approved by a vote of the membership will go into effect September 1, 2022. We have a rolling membership model, where your membership will be due for renewal 12 months after joining (or your last renewal).

You will receive emailed reminders, beginning a month before your renewal is due, that it is time to renew. If your membership expires, for example, August 31st, you will get your first renewal reminder early in August. That email will include a link for you to renew online. The options to renew at a meeting or through the mail are still available, but we encourage you to conserve resources and give online renewal a try. You may also contact the office during phone hours for help with your renewal.

A reminder – you can gift an annual membership to a friend or family member – or ask someone give it to you! Gift memberships are available on our site at https://cthort.org/join/gift/.

The new fees are as follows:
Individual – $60
Family – $80
Senior Individual – $55
Senior Family – $75
Sustaining: Garden Builder – $125
Sustaining: Plant Expert – $250
Sustaining: Dream Designer – $500
Garden Club – $80
Business – $100
Business Benefactor – $250
Student (full time w/ ID) – FREE

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