Rutgers offers online course on botanicals

Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station is offering an online, seven-hour course called “Botanical Products and Human Health.”
Discover the fascinating world of botanicals and their impact on human health in this self-paced online course for $395.
Did you know that today 65-70% of the world’s population use traditional medicine as their primary source of healthcare, and 50% of new cancer and antibacterial drugs come from natural sources?
If you are interested in botanicals and would like to learn about their history, discovery, development, and validation, as well as their diverse applications in modern society, then our self-paced, seven-hour course is an excellent choice. The course is asynchronous, which means that you can learn at your own convenience. 
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Course Objectives:
•Learn about the history of botanicals.
•Gain a basic understanding of plant anatomy and physiology.
•Gain a basic knowledge of botanical supplements, functional foods, and medicines.
•Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of purified compounds versus plant extracts for medicinal uses.
•Summarize different approaches used to identify plant candidates for new medicines.
•Become familiar with some well-known phytochemicals that are used in medicine.
•Become familiar with labeling, claims, safety regulations, and quality control of dietary supplements.
•Continuing Education Credits
This online course is approved for the following continuing education credits. Register here.

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